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shield by skyna

Okaaaay so this time i decided to paint something a little bit bigger than the previous artwork i done in such style.
As you can see, this is Marvel's Captain America shield - made of pixels.
50 x 70 cm canvas, acrylic paint
What can I say, this one was tough!

enjoy ~
iron man by skyna
iron man

pixel IRON MAN painting.
40x70cm, acrylics on canvas

I thought it was going to take me forever to finish, honestly. But yay, totally fun job to do! Especially when you have tons of adult responsibilities and should totally do something useful for once. Ugh.

2015 marvel sketches by skyna
2015 marvel sketches

hello there!
some time had passed since i uploaded anything here, but i was adding some sketches every few days on instagram constantly. So, I thought, why not put them here?
The ones you can see here are from my notebook which I carry with myself everywhere I can. It's quite heavy, but you never know when the urge to draw will hit you, right?

So, from the upper left one:
Robert Downey Jr (ugh i am a RDJ and Chris Evans trash right now, pardon me)
Black Widow from Age of Ultron
Steve Rogers & Tony Stark
Scarlet Witch
Steve & Tony again (yay stony! :heart:)
Tony Stark from AOU
again some Stark&Rogers, Evans, Ultron & Bucky in the corner
Deadpool again. yay

oh and 3 news - if you didn't already know that -
my drawing tablet broke down
my hair is pink (finally)
i am a marvel trash, so...

slurp by skyna

okay so my geotechnics lecturer found out that i like to draw every now and then.
of course he had to ask me to attach to the project of fundaments a ‘nice picture for him from the anime i like' so hey, why not Alfred then? (。・ω・。)

it was rather quick, because i am balls deep in 100000 projects i'll have to hand in on 30th of January.

anyway, enjoy! :heart:

Alfred F. Jones - Hetalia Axis Powers
character doesn't belong to me!!
those christmas lights by skyna
those christmas lights

okay, so the college autumn/winter semester this year is simply a bitch. not only we were assigned to do much more projects, but also the level of those increased a bit, leading me to almost not sleeping at all. but! i managed to draw a little something this year, for christmas.

to be honest, i've always wanted to draw christmas lights - they're totally fun to arrange!!

okay, so have some christmas'y destiel, my fellow watchers and random visitors!! :heart:

:snowflake: merry christmas everyone! :snowflake:


skyna's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied

kinga / 22 / poland
sometimes i draw and take some photos. oh, and i love watermelons.

- - - - -

i'm not doing requests because of my lack of free time. but someday...
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: bring me the horizon
  • Drinking: strawberry tea

Oh god so much time passed since i'd written there. So it is the time for a little update!

Many things happened- to sum it up quickly- as far as I know for now i don't have luck when it goes to boys/men, i've survived the first semester of my studies with pretty good grades, got lots of clothes with galaxy print (:heart:) and i have to wear glasses because my eyesight got bad since i've started studying. But i do enjoy wearing them, they look kinda oldschool so it's not a problem at all : ).

Okay, so now i wanted to thank this amazing girl - MagentaMoonstone who got me a premium membership for birthday! I am super excited about that and still don't know many things about this thing, but i'll learn by practice, you know! > 3 <

And oh my- over 45.000 pageviews and over 600 watchers! You guys are amazing, so i wanted to thank you for that too.
Well my journals lately seem to happen every few months and it's all i gotta say - boring, eh?

Oh and i created an account on a website called which allows you to receive and send a postcard to a random user from all around the world! It's pretty amazing for me, i love postcards so i am super excited for every one i receive.

I won't be drawing anything in a while because classes have started again and it is the time to come back to reality. We'll see how it will work.

Well i am still amazed how many people did liked my hetalia/atlantis crossover. In the future i am planning on drawing more crossovers from my favourite fanfictions or disney movies, mixed with hetalia of course.

So take care and thank you for your time! :aww:

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